Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingCHI focuses clients’ social media marketing services on developing stronger relationships with current customers, potential new customer and community. We have dedicated professional writers that are well versed in writing content in the personality and voice of any type of business. Our content is designed to position your organization as a “thought leader” or expert in your industry. Our methodology for this includes research, analysis and adoption of current collateral content and company digital assets. Your current customers and prospects will want to align themselves with an industry expert as they will feel connected to a brand and organization they trust. Building that trust is critical in social media marketing as our content will help develop nurture this through personalized organizational posts, relevant news and information and engaging pictures so your organization connects with people on an emotional level. We pride ourselves in world class content and a customer centric approach.


Social Media Marketing Set up Service

  • Due Diligence: We perform a comprehensive social media interview and research process to understand a customers’ business objectives and strategies along with a social media competitive analysis
  • Collaborate: Our team will present the social media strategy based on the due diligence findings and establish content subjects, processes, next steps and overall strategies
  • Complete: Social media experts will set up or enhance all social media platforms, including the design, loading of information/ images, branding and activation of apps and reporting


Social Media Marketing Daily/Monthly Service

  • Research: Our team will use many online resources to develop content including research of topics for postings, set up targeted audiences for promoted posts and ads.
  • Content posting: We will post engaging, professionally written content and seek client approval before posting is desired.
  • Monitoring and responding: Our team will monitor all pages and respond back to each customer encouraging interaction and engagement.
  • Facebook & Instagram ads and promoted posts: We will place Facebook ads that are strategically targeted to specific demographics that will drive more followers and engagement.
  • Monthly reporting: We will provide the business with monthly analytics to measure results and offer recommendations for improved results.