The Power of Employee Empowerment

Portrait of happy young woman in red santa claus dress holding wall clock and celebrating success over white backgroundLeaders of the free-world need to stop micromanaging everyone and let their people do their work! How many of you reading this have worked for a boss or leader that can’t seem to keep their hands off what you are doing? Maybe this is you? Enough is enough! There is much research and living case studies of very successful companies that incorporate employee empowerment. The research indicates a positive impact on employee and customer happiness producing excellent business results. Most leaders know this but get stuck allowing their personal baggage to creep in and throw the entire organization into a spiral!

Change from Within

I have three steps for leaders that will help them start to make changes from within:

1) Observe yourself-Catch yourself doing  this and make a conscious effort to try a different approach that is not micromanaging. What is the worst thing that could happen? Think about it….
2) Soul search-Look into your life and your past and try to analyze why you have this pattern? Are you insecure with your contributions and if your hand prints are not on everything you are failing? Think about it ….
3) Change NOW and don’t wait-Start making the change now and begin to trust yourself. Take baby steps and make small changes each day and this will equate to a big change over time. Think about it….

When you are successful at changing yourself here is what you will see transpire by the ones you are leading
• Employees will work harder because they feel you trust them
• Employees will feel appreciated and they will deliver a better customer experience
• Employees will be happier as they will feel inspired that you have changed

Work on yourself and change within and you will be a better leader. Give the power back to your employees as they deserve it and so do you!