Our Mission

Our mission is to transform organizations to create happier customers and employees driving profitability, longevity, referrals while contributing to a more positive community.


Culture Change

The Customer Happiness Institute (CHI) is a groundbreaking entity focused on helping organizations cultivate a healthier, happier culture for customers and their employees. The Institute combines principles of customer centricity and employee engagement into actionable tools that create immediate impact and may increase performance, satisfaction and positivity—from the highest levels of leadership to the customer who absorbs the “good vibes and energy” that result.

CHI’s breadth of services reflect years of academic instruction and research, vetted principles of customer centricity, and best practices for business – all integrated into a focus on creating happier employees, leaders and customers. CHI provides methodology for building Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) among the internal and external customers of your organization—driving positive, measurable cultural changes that contribute to a stronger workplace.

Our areas of expertise include customer journey mapping, leadership best practices, employee empowerment, self-directed work teams, systems thinking, customer customization, employee engagement, adding customer value, enhancing customer experiences and transformation, organizational shared visions, and self-actualization techniques.

We have a full-service customer-centric digital marketing agency that supports our methodology and customer strategies all delivering customer happiness.